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My first book, JavaScript Application Design is in the final stretch and due to come out very soon! The code samples are finalized and publicly available on GitHub. Here’s some free content in anticipation for the book launch.

You can take a look at the first chapter for free which discusses the Build First approach at a high level, and sets the stage for the rest of the book. You can also get Appendix D for free, although Manning will ask for your email address in exchange. If anything, you must take a look at the code samples on GitHub. There’s tons of them, and they cover a wild variety of topics!

JavaScript Application Design: A Build First Approach
JavaScript Application Design: A Build First Approach

The book is currently undergoing the final editing, tech proofing, graphics and copy editing process. Once that’s out of the way, there’s just manufacturing and shipping left!

What to expect

The book offers a new take on web development, where the build process is a first-class citizen. It covers a wide array of topics in JavaScript development, from design concepts such as MVC and mastering async to build and deployment techniques, as well as JavaScript basics like scopes, hoisting, and how this works.

Among others, you’ll find:

  • Insight into tailoring an automated build process and separating it into different flows
  • Different tasks to perform during a build, such as linting, spriting, minification, or even database schema upgrades
  • Continuous development techniques to save valuable time on a daily basis
  • Tweaking a build for release with image optimization, caching, and asset hashing
  • Environment configuration, protecting sensitive data, and automating deployments over Heroku and Amazon EC2
  • A comparison of RequireJS, using Angular’s dependency injection mechanism, and CommonJS
  • An introduction to Browserify as a means to develop more modular code for the client-side
  • Deep analysis of the different techniques for maintainable asynchronous flows. Callbacks, async, Promises, event emitters, and generators are all explored!
  • Do you really need jQuery?
  • Building a Backbone application, explaining MVC in the browser, as well as taking that application further using Rendr for shared rendering
  • Writing tests, of course! Tests in the server, tests in the browser, tests using tape. Spies in your tests, mocking dependencies, automating tests. Visual testing, performance testing
  • REST API design pricinples and developing layered application architectures

Can’t wait to see it in print! You can get an early access copy today, though.

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