JavaScript Developer Survey

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Following the footsteps of Alex R. Young and his retired dailyjs.com blog, I’ve put together a survey about JavaScript usage similar to those he used to host on his blog. I’ll be publishing the results in three weeks.

UPDATED: Results are in! Thanks to everyone who took the time to answer to this poll. See you again next year!

You can find the survey on Google Forms. I’ve compiled a list of questions that includes some that were asked by Alex on his last survey, a few I came up with, and a few I know other people are curious about.

I encourage you to take a look and come up with your answers. They’re 30 questions but the vast majority are multiple choice questions, so it shouldn’t take more than a few minutes to fill out the form.

A screenshot of the survey
A screenshot of the survey

I’ll be publishing the results in three weeks, as to ensure most people have time to fill out the form if they desire.

Besides answering the “hard data” questions I’d be very curious to hear out any comments in the “Other” fields and particularly in the last question which lets you go deeper into any topics that you felt weren’t covered by the rest of the questionnaire.

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Comments (2)

PhiLho wrote

Doing your survey, I see: "Which ES5 features do you use? - Getters and setters" Oops, pasting, I see it is really ES5! I blame my eyes and the Neutron font, I thought it was ES6, even after zooming in…

Well, while I am here, I am surprised for the “How long have you been writing JavaScript?” time ranges. Maybe you should have made it broader at the end, to cover the whole JS lifespan… That said, I code JS for, I don’t know, some 15 years? But as most people, I was just doing some small scripts, in a mostly procedural style. One of my most complex scripts are Greasemonkey scripts like http://philho.deviantart.com/art/Watching-you-v1-3-69160788 This year, I started to do AngularJS at work, and hence explored the modern side of JS (including now Lodash, RxJS, etc.) and its tooling. While I am not sold yet to Node.js (I like strongly typed languages for doing complex business logic), I appreciate the flexibility of JS for making great GUIs…

Note, back to survey: Lodash is no longer Lo-dash for quite some time now… ;-) And shocked not to see Brackets in the base list! (not shocked not to see, SciTE, my daily multi-purpose text editor, as it is not mainstream, but Brackets is in large usage!).