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There’s a few different ways you can subscribe to read Pony Foo. What’s your favorite?

Almost since day one you could follow Pony Foo using the RSS feed. Now there’s quite a few more options. I’d love to know what’s your favorite and also maybe help me make your reading experience better.

There’s quite a few different ways of subscribing to Pony Foo today.

RSS Feed

You can subscribe to the RSS feed using an RSS client like newsblur.com or feedly.com.

An example showing the Pony Foo feed on Feedly
An example showing the Pony Foo feed on Feedly

You’ll then see new articles pop up on your feed reader as they come out.

Email Subscription

You can subscribe to get email updates whenever an article comes out. You can subscribe completing this form with just your email address. You’ll get a single email whenever an article comes out, containing the gist of the article and a “Read More” button.

Sample email from Pony Foo
Sample email from Pony Foo

Facebook Page

I created a Facebook Page for Pony Foo a few hours ago. If you have a Facebook account you can just Like the page and then you’ll get updates right in your timeline as new articles come out.

Screenshot of the Facebook Page for Pony Foo
Screenshot of the Facebook Page for Pony Foo

I hear some people prefer following news right on Facebook instead of over email, so that’s possible now too. Whenever an article comes out, the Page will be updated with a link to the article.

On Twitter

Pony Foo (@ponyfoo) has been on Twitter for a while now. The account automatically posts articles immediately as they come out, and from time to time I also retweet stuff with that account.

An screenshot of the @ponyfoo account on Twitter
An screenshot of the @ponyfoo account on Twitter

I may or may not reply to mentions, and you’ll probably have better luck reaching me at @nzgb – my main Twitter account.


Articles are also usually posted to EchoJS, a JavaScript news aggregator; Hacker News, the well-known incubator’s link aggregator; and Lobste.rs, an invite-based alternative to Hacker News. While my articles aren’t the only thing on these places, a lot of the content shared on these platforms is pure gold.

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Comments (6)

Jerry wrote

Rss (feedly) where it is nicely catalogued with other web developers, available in chronological format, and available to me when I need it.

German Dude wrote

RSS using Thunderbird. I only check RSS once a day or so, and on the PC is nicer than on the phone.

Plus I can leave articles unread in the Feeds inbox, so all my unread stuff is catalogued in one place.