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  1. Let’s use const! Here’s why.

    When reading a piece of code, others can take cues from these signals in order to better understand what we did. ES6 offers let and const as new flavors of variable declaration, are they better signals than var?

    10m 21
  2. Template Literals are Strictly Better Strings

    This article explores how template literals are strictly better than strings, and how they too should become the new default of a post-ES6 era – over single and double quoted strings.

    14m 34
  3. JavaScript Quality Guide

    I’ve recently created a JavaScript Quality Guide, and I wanted to share it on Pony Foo as well. The latest version can be found on GitHub. As

    26m 5
  4. CSS: The Good Parts

    I’ve decided to pour my thoughts of how the CSS of an application should be modelled into a formal style guide. I’ve been using this approach for over a …

    18m 14
  5. How to Design Great Programs

    A recollection of common-sense application design practices I usually follow when building things.

    13m 1
  6. Where does this keyword come from?

    How scoping works is part of the latest chapter for my upcoming book on JavaScript Application Design. Here’s an explainer!

    6m 2
  7. The Angular Way

    For the past few months I’ve been sailing around the world of Angular. Today I can hardly imagine myself doing day to day coding on a large front-end web …

    13m 4
  8. Getting Over jQuery

    We’ve looked at doing some of the things that you can do in native code. So far, we’ve covered AJAX, event handling, event delegation, DOM querying, and …

    22m 6
  9. Uncovering the Native DOM API

    JavaScript libraries such as jQuery serve a great purpose in enabling and normalizing cross-browser behaviors of the DOM in such a way that it’s possible to use …

    15m 2
  10. Understanding Build Processes

    A task runner helps you automate everything you need to get an environment functional. Configure, build, run tests, and execute your web server. But there’s more …

    9m 9
  11. Taming Asynchronous JavaScript

    Last month, a series of very interesting articles regarding async coding style, in Node, popped up. The discussion spanned a few more subjects than just coding style, it …

    6m 2
  12. Pragmatic Unit Testing in JavaScript

    More often than not, companies completely (and irresponsibly) disregard JavaScript as code that should be unit tested. They might test their back-end code, it may be in …

    9m 1
  13. Information Hiding in JavaScript

    Even though it’s tricky at first, if you are used to classical object-oriented languages, it’s easy (and highly encouraged) to perform information hiding

    9m 0