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  1. Information Hiding in JavaScript

    Even though it’s tricky at first, if you are used to classical object-oriented languages, it’s easy (and highly encouraged) to perform information hiding

    9m 0
  2. A Less Convoluted Event Emitter Implementation

    I believe that the event emitter implementation in Node could be made way better by providing a way to access the functionality directly without using prototypes. This …

    5m 9
  3. JavaScript Quality Guide

    I’ve recently created a JavaScript Quality Guide, and I wanted to share it on Pony Foo as well. The latest version can be found on GitHub. As

    26m 5
  4. My CampJS Experience

    I was never really the camping kind of guy. Sounds like the perfect opportunity to collect kindling, start a bonfire, set up a tent, sleep in a bedroll, not have …

    6m 0
  5. Are Regular Expressions Stateful?

    I seem to have stumbled across a bug regarding regular expressions using the g modifier, where they seem to preserve internal state across calls to RegExp.prototype.test

    a minute 2
  6. Pragmatic Semantic Versioning

    These are short-form “thoughts”, in addition to the usual longer-form articles in the blog. The goal is to publish one of these every weekday. I’d …

    3m 7
  7. Universal Routing in React with ES6

    Yesterday, we learned about how to set up a build process for an universal ES6 React app using Babel, and how to have that React app render “universally”

    10m 5
  8. Third Year in Review

    In what has now become somewhat of a tradition for me, I’m looking back on the past year and digging up stats about the blog and my career. This was definitely an …

    6m 2
  9. What Does a Sound Look Like? Web Audio Art!

    The Web Audio API is a very powerful feature available in modern browsers today, boasting a rich set of functionality. In this exploration, we’ll be looking at …

    14m 2
  10. Template Literals are Strictly Better Strings

    This article explores how template literals are strictly better than strings, and how they too should become the new default of a post-ES6 era – over single and double quoted strings.

    14m 34
  11. JavaScript Asynchronous Iteration Proposal

    There’s a proposal in the works to simplify asynchronous iteration even further.

    The Asynchronous Iteration proposal is already in stage 2 and being heavily worked …

    4m 9
  12. Mixing Generators Into Iterators

    As it turns out, iterators can be written using generators. This can lead to some interesting use cases.

    5m 6