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  1. Adjusting UX for human visitors

    In this article I’ll analyze the past and present of UX in Pony Foo. In doing so, we’ll go over the features that were introduced to improve the lives of …

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    13 minute read
  2. CSS: The Good Parts

    I’ve decided to pour my thoughts of how the CSS of an application should be modelled into a formal style guide. I’ve been using this approach for over a …

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    18 minute read
  3. Your Tab Views Suck

    What if I told you… we can write a tabbed UI view without using JavaScript, which works in every modern browser, and even clocks around 20 total lines of code?

    In …

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  4. Organizing your CSS with Bootstrap

    Now that we’ve laid the basics in the cascading land of awesomeness that is CSS, it’s time to move forward and take a deeper look at organization and …

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  5. CSS For Dummies

    Web design today is hard to get right. I’ve been meaning to talk about front-end design for a while, but I couldn’t get the subject quite right. Seeing how …

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  6. Single Page Design Madness

    A few days passed, a couple lessons learned. I promised myself not to spend too much time trying to make something perfect, but rather keep a lean approach and moving …

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