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  1. Setting up 2FA for Node.js Applications

    Let’s take a look at how we can quickly hash out a correct two-factor authentication (2FA) solution for our web applications. First off, let’s work out the …

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  2. A Less Convoluted Event Emitter Implementation

    I believe that the event emitter implementation in Node could be made way better by providing a way to access the functionality directly without using prototypes. This …

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  3. Continuous Development in Node.js

    With Grunt, the JavaScript task runner, it’s becoming increasingly easy to tackle continuous development. The goal is being able to work uninterruptedly in our …

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  4. Deploying Node apps to AWS using Grunt

    I’ve been toying with AWS for a few days now, and I wanted to share my experience and my approach with you. My goal was to set up a deploy flow in Grunt to enable …

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  5. Upgraded Asset Management

    Recently, I’ve updated the documentation for assetify, and grunt-assetify. I wanted to share the usage patterns as well as my reasons for developing, and …

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  6. Teach Yourself Node.js in 10 Steps

    I’m not sure anyone needs convincing that Node.js is freaking awesome, little has been said otherwise. Many of the people reading this blog are already …

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  7. Modularizing Node Applications with Express

    I’ve spent a few articles talking about build processes; now I want to spend a few words on application architecture, particularly in Node.JS web applications …

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  8. Monitoring Production Grade Node Applications

    Catching, or even tracing errors in Node applications can be tricky sometimes. I wanted to share a few practices that can help you keep your application up in most …

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  9. The Micro Library Phenomenon

    As of late, there seems to be a steady trend towards minimalist DOM (and BOM) abstractions, these micro-libraries generally trade functionality and flexibility for

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  10. Managing Code Quality in NodeJS

    I’ve mentioned CI and static asset management in the past. Now I want to talk about code quality.

    This article is mostly a follow up on the CI post. I’ll …

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  11. Publishing Node.js Packages with npm

    Back when I introduced assetify, I mentioned publishing packages on npm is very easy.

    The first thing you have to do is identify yourself, create an account on npm:

    $ npm …
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  12. Asset Management in Node

    Client-side asset management reveals a series of issues with Node.JS and npm today:

    • Node.JS is just a few years old (it was born in 2009)
    • Some areas, such as client-side …
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  13. JavaScript JavaScript JavaScript

    In my previous installment, I prognosticated the discussion topic for this post.

    In the next post I’ll delve into MongoDB, how to pair it with Node, and figuring …

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