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  1. Deploying Node apps to AWS using Grunt

    I’ve been toying with AWS for a few days now, and I wanted to share my experience and my approach with you. My goal was to set up a deploy flow in Grunt to enable …

    22m 5
  2. A Year In Review

    It’s been almost a year since I launched this blog, although I had started writing blog posts before I finished coding the web application, as a way to …

    12m 1
  3. Angle Brackets, Synergistic Directives

    In the previous part of this article, I discussed scope events and the behavior of the digest cycle. This time around, I’ll talk about directives. Just as …

    33m 4
  4. Are Regular Expressions Stateful?

    I seem to have stumbled across a bug regarding regular expressions using the g modifier, where they seem to preserve internal state across calls to RegExp.prototype.test

    a minute 2
  5. Baking Modularity into Tag Editing

    For quite some time I’ve been wanting some sort of input that dealt with user-submitted tags in a reasonable way. I wanted this input to still be half-decent when …

    7m 7
  6. ES6 Object Literal Features in Depth

    Once again, this is ES6 in Depth. If you haven’t set foot on this series before, you might want to learn about destructuring, template literals, arrow functions, …

    5m 2
  7. ES6 Symbols in Depth

    Buon giorno! Willkommen to ES6 – “I can’t believe this is yet another installment” – in Depth. If you have no idea how you got here or …

    13m 10
  8. Third Year in Review

    In what has now become somewhat of a tradition for me, I’m looking back on the past year and digging up stats about the blog and my career. This was definitely an …

    6m 2
  9. Asynchronous I/O with Generators & Promises

    The article covers designing a JavaScript API to deal with asynchronous data inputs and outputs using generators to succinctly describe a set of operations. Promises can …

    8m 3
  10. NodeConf hits the ground running in Latin America

    NodeConf Argentina is one of the first international Node.js conferences taking place in Latin American territory, and a not-for-profit community effort to push Node.js …

    2m 0
  11. The Double-Edged Sword of the Web

    A couple of weeks ago I had some time in my hands and decided to fix cross-browser rendering issues for Pony Foo. The ensuing bug hunt was a good reminder of just how obnoxious web development can get.

    16m 13
  12. Template Literals are Strictly Better Strings

    This article explores how template literals are strictly better than strings, and how they too should become the new default of a post-ES6 era – over single and double quoted strings.

    14m 34