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  1. Angle Brackets, Synergistic Directives

    In the previous part of this article, I discussed scope events and the behavior of the digest cycle. This time around, I’ll talk about directives. Just as …

    33m 4
  2. A Less Convoluted Event Emitter Implementation

    I believe that the event emitter implementation in Node could be made way better by providing a way to access the functionality directly without using prototypes. This …

    5m 9
  3. Free sample: JavaScript Application Design

    My first book, JavaScript Application Design is in the final stretch and due to come out very soon! The code samples are finalized and publicly available on GitHub. …

    2m 0
  4. Second Year in Review

    I started this blog two years ago, at a time when nobody seemed to care about blogging anymore. It turned out to be one of the best decisions I took back then, and it …

    9m 1
  5. ES6 Promises in Depth

    Welcome back to ES6 – “Dude, we already had those!” – in Depth series. If you’ve never been around here before, start with A Brief …

    31m 21
  6. ServiceWorker: Revolution of the Web Platform

    While not the most amusingly named feature of the web platform, everything seems to point at ServiceWorker being the most significant addition to the web platform since …

    19m 14
  7. Subscribing to Pony Foo

    There’s a few different ways you can subscribe to read Pony Foo. What’s your favorite?

    Almost since day one you could follow Pony Foo using the RSS feed. …

    3m 6
  8. Proposal: “Statements as Expressions” using do

    A proposal for do statements has been classified as Stage 0 for a while, and it might be an interesting solution for some problems we can find in JavaScript.

    5m 6
  9. ECMAScript Proposal for JavaScript Decorators
    (and protocols)

    There’s a JavaScript decorators proposal in the works.
    We take a look at how it works and why it’s useful.

    12m 4
  10. GitHub for Human Beings 🕵

    GitHub – and GitHub users – can be kind of annoying sometimes. Here are a few tips to improve your day-to-day experience.

    3m 4
  11. What Does a Sound Look Like? Web Audio Art!

    The Web Audio API is a very powerful feature available in modern browsers today, boasting a rich set of functionality. In this exploration, we’ll be looking at …

    14m 2
  12. Let’s use const! Here’s why.

    When reading a piece of code, others can take cues from these signals in order to better understand what we did. ES6 offers let and const as new flavors of variable declaration, are they better signals than var?

    10m 21