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  1. Defensive Design

    I’ve recently read the book Defensive Design for the Web, and I felt compelled to write about it here. I guess it’s a good starting point for writing my …

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  2. The Architecture of Productivity

    It’s been a while since I last blogged. I went on vacation, switched jobs, and have been generally busy. I’m now working full-time remote, which will

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  3. The Conventional Front-End

    Conventions are a great thing. Frameworks such as Ruby on Rails and ASP.NET MVC are good examples of conventional MVC implementations. Conventions are essentially …

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  4. The Progressive Web

    I’ve blogged very little about Taunus since I first released it, roughly a year ago. Back then, it only powered ponyfoo.com, but now there’s a few cases in …

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  5. Universal React with Babel, Browserify

    I finally got around to trying out React, and this blog post will detail my initial impressions as well as a tutorial on how to make your React apps universal from the …

    13m 14
  6. ES6 Generators in Depth

    This is ES6 in Depth, the longest-running article series in the history of Pony Foo! Trapped in the ES5 bubble? Welcome! Let me get you started with destructuring,

    26m 9
  7. ES6 Maps in Depth

    Hello, this is ES6 – “Please make them stop” – in Depth. New here? Start with A Brief History of ES6 Tooling. Then, make your way through

    18m 6
  8. ES6 Proxy Traps in Depth

    Welcome to ES6 – “Please, not again” – in Depth. Looking for other ES6 goodness? Refer to A Brief History of ES6 Tooling. Then, make your way …

    24m 5
  9. ECMAScript Proposal for JavaScript Decorators
    (and protocols)

    There’s a JavaScript decorators proposal in the works.
    We take a look at how it works and why it’s useful.

    12m 4
  10. Two-way Synchronization for a Web App and Git

    This article explains the challenges I went through and how I ended up implementing a two-way synchronization between the web application and a git repository for the articles.

    12m 2
  11. Announcing Practical Modern JavaScript 📚
    — and the Modular JavaScript Book Series!

    Practical Modern JavaScript is the first book in a 📚 series I’m dubbing Modular JavaScript, which aims to be a comprehensive, freely available, and open set of books with the mission of improving our collective understanding of modular JavaScript.

    20m 2
  12. Interviewed at Tencent Frontend Conference

    Last month, I was interviewed after delivering a presentation on ECMAScript to an audience in Shenzhen, China. I think it was an entertaining interview, so here’s a transcript.

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