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  1. Publishing Node.js Packages with npm

    Back when I introduced assetify, I mentioned publishing packages on npm is very easy.

    The first thing you have to do is identify yourself, create an account on npm:

    $ npm …
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  2. Implementing OpenSearch

    OpenSearch is an specification that allows websites to improve usability. When implemented, it allows consumers to search your site the way you intended them to. All …

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  3. Spritesheets, Grunt, and You

    If you are using Grunt, you really have no excuse not to be using CSS spritesheets. If you aren’t using Grunt yet, then you should know that a well thought-out …

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  4. The Conventional Front-End

    Conventions are a great thing. Frameworks such as Ruby on Rails and ASP.NET MVC are good examples of conventional MVC implementations. Conventions are essentially …

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  5. Server-First Apps are a Good Idea

    Earlier today, Tom Dale published an article sharing his views on the whole “server-side vs client-side rendered apps” debacle. I was tempted to call this …

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  6. The Progressive Web

    I’ve blogged very little about Taunus since I first released it, roughly a year ago. Back then, it only powered ponyfoo.com, but now there’s a few cases in …

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  7. ES6 Proxies in Depth

    Cheers, please come in. This is ES6 – “Elaine, you gotta have a baby!” – in Depth. What? Never heard of it? Check out A Brief History of ES6 …

    13m 5
  8. ES6 Array Extensions in Depth

    Hello traveler! This is ES6 – "Oh cool, I like Array" – in Depth series. If you’ve never been around here before, start with A Brief …

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  9. Third Year in Review

    In what has now become somewhat of a tradition for me, I’m looking back on the past year and digging up stats about the blog and my career. This was definitely an …

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  10. Asynchronous I/O with Generators & Promises

    The article covers designing a JavaScript API to deal with asynchronous data inputs and outputs using generators to succinctly describe a set of operations. Promises can …

    8m 3
  11. How Pony Foo is ridiculously over-engineered
    — and why that is awesome

    With almost 3000 commits on record, I’m pretty sure that Pony Foo is one of the most, if not the most, over-engineered blogs ever. This article goes over how it all began as a learning experience…

    34m 7
  12. How Terrible Code Gets Written by Perfectly Sane People

    Help your team avoid some bad habits that can drive good teams to write terrible code.

    8m 5