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  1. Pony Foo begins

    As I start writing this post, I set out with a purpose. To write a micro-blogging engine. The language of choice is Node.JS. I chose this language because I want to see …

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  2. JavaScript Is Awesome

    JavaScript is one of the most loved and hated languages out there. Some, can’t stand the stench of how obtuse it appears to be. Some appreciate the …

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  3. Information Hiding in JavaScript

    Even though it’s tricky at first, if you are used to classical object-oriented languages, it’s easy (and highly encouraged) to perform information hiding

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  4. Recommended Reading

    I haven’t gotten around to recommending any books yet, and I wanted to break some words about a few reads. I’m excited about a batch of books I’ve …

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  5. Monitoring Production Grade Node Applications

    Catching, or even tracing errors in Node applications can be tricky sometimes. I wanted to share a few practices that can help you keep your application up in most …

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  6. Teach Yourself Node.js in 10 Steps

    I’m not sure anyone needs convincing that Node.js is freaking awesome, little has been said otherwise. Many of the people reading this blog are already …

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  7. Architecture of ECMAScript 6 Modules

    This blog post contains useful information if you’re interested in the latest developments on ECMAScript 6 Harmony modules and they current state of their …

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  8. Angle Brackets, Synergistic Directives

    In the previous part of this article, I discussed scope events and the behavior of the digest cycle. This time around, I’ll talk about directives. Just as …

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  9. Leveraging Constraints

    These are short-form “thoughts”, in addition to the usual longer-form articles in the blog. The goal is to publish one of these every weekday. I’d …

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  10. ES6 Math Additions in Depth

    You’ve made it! Here’s another article in the ES6 – “What? I’d rather develop for IE6” – in Depth series. If …

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  11. ServiceWorker, MessageChannel, & postMessage

    Last week I wrote an article about a caching strategy for progressive networking that uses a cache first and then goes to the networking, sharing messages between web …

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  12. Just Married! 🎉

    I got married last friday, and then we threw a party on saturday.

    I wanted to extend the celebration a little bit longer by sharing a few pictures on my blog.

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