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…but we took the opportunity to pull together a few articles very carefully chosen at random!

  1. Single Page Design Madness

    A few days passed, a couple lessons learned. I promised myself not to spend too much time trying to make something perfect, but rather keep a lean approach and moving …

    12m 1
  2. Paging in the Wilderness

    Traditionally, lists on websites have been paged to allow data to be chunked rather than sent out all at once, when the user might not need all of it right away, …

    4m 0
  3. CSS For Dummies

    Web design today is hard to get right. I’ve been meaning to talk about front-end design for a while, but I couldn’t get the subject quite right. Seeing how …

    13m 1
  4. Angle Brackets, Rifle Scopes

    Angular.js presents a remarkable number of interesting design choices in its code-base. Two particularly interesting cases are the way in which scopes work, and how …

    30m 2
  5. Taunus: Micro Isomorphic MVC Framework

    I’ve mentioned Taunus in one of my latest articles. I believe Taunus is interesting, not because it introduces innovative paradigm shifts or the like, but rather, …

    12m 7
  6. JavaScript Quality Guide

    I’ve recently created a JavaScript Quality Guide, and I wanted to share it on Pony Foo as well. The latest version can be found on GitHub. As

    26m 5
  7. The Progressive Web

    I’ve blogged very little about Taunus since I first released it, roughly a year ago. Back then, it only powered ponyfoo.com, but now there’s a few cases in …

    22m 4
  8. ES6 Object Literal Features in Depth

    Once again, this is ES6 in Depth. If you haven’t set foot on this series before, you might want to learn about destructuring, template literals, arrow functions, …

    5m 2
  9. ES6 Strings (and Unicode, ❤) in Depth

    Yo. Here’s another edition of ES6 – “I can’t believe they killed off Stringer Bell” – in Depth series. If you’ve never …

    32m 6
  10. Two-way Synchronization for a Web App and Git

    This article explains the challenges I went through and how I ended up implementing a two-way synchronization between the web application and a git repository for the articles.

    12m 2
  11. How Terrible Code Gets Written by Perfectly Sane People

    Help your team avoid some bad habits that can drive good teams to write terrible code.

    8m 5
  12. Investigating Performance of Object#toString in ES2015

    We discuss how Object#toString performs in the V8 engine, why it’s important, how it changed with ES2015 symbols, and how to speed it up.

    12m 1