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  1. Leveraging Constraints

    These are short-form “thoughts”, in addition to the usual longer-form articles in the blog. The goal is to publish one of these every weekday. I’d …

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  2. Adjusting UX for human visitors

    In this article I’ll analyze the past and present of UX in Pony Foo. In doing so, we’ll go over the features that were introduced to improve the lives of …

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  3. A Note on Everyday Usability

    We can learn a lot about usability just by observing everyday objects, applications and interfaces. This morning I was flying to London from Buenos Aires, when I …

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  4. Defensive Design

    I’ve recently read the book Defensive Design for the Web, and I felt compelled to write about it here. I guess it’s a good starting point for writing my …

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  5. Paging in the Wilderness

    Traditionally, lists on websites have been paged to allow data to be chunked rather than sent out all at once, when the user might not need all of it right away, …

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