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  1. Universal React with Babel, Browserify

    I finally got around to trying out React, and this blog post will detail my initial impressions as well as a tutorial on how to make your React apps universal from the …

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  2. The Progressive Web

    I’ve blogged very little about Taunus since I first released it, roughly a year ago. Back then, it only powered ponyfoo.com, but now there’s a few cases in …

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  3. A Gentle Browserify Walkthrough

    Building modules for the front-end has become an increasingly easy problem to solve. Back in the nineties we had our Java applets, our <MARQUEE> and <BLINK>

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  4. How To Avoid Object.prototype Pollution

    Some times you just need to extend Array objects. Think of the possibilities. Dream of how much more awesome jQuery would’ve been if it provided all of the Array

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  5. Taunus: Micro Isomorphic MVC Framework

    I’ve mentioned Taunus in one of my latest articles. I believe Taunus is interesting, not because it introduces innovative paradigm shifts or the like, but rather, …

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  6. Modularizing Your Front-End

    In the past I’ve wrote about a small alternative to async, named contra, which is barely over 2kb, and has the browser at its heart. It comes with the usual …

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  7. 9 Quick Tips About npm

    23-12-13 Update: Now with an extra bonus tip

    Inspired by the now-outdated post 10 Cool Things You Probably Didn’t Realize npm Could Do from Isaacs, the creator of

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