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  1. A Less Convoluted Event Emitter Implementation

    I believe that the event emitter implementation in Node could be made way better by providing a way to access the functionality directly without using prototypes. This …

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  2. JavaScript Variable Hoisting

    A large number of JavaScript interview questions, if not most of them, can be answered with an understanding of scoping, how this works, and hoisting.

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  3. Where does this keyword come from?

    How scoping works is part of the latest chapter for my upcoming book on JavaScript Application Design. Here’s an explainer!

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  4. Package Authoring with Paqui

    Creating client-side JavaScript packages is increasingly becoming a painful endeavor. Here’s a potential fix.

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  5. Fun with Native Arrays

    An introduction to function Array methods.

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  6. Event Emitter: Obey and Report

    The event emitter pattern was popularized by Node, and is made available in the browser by libraries such as EventEmitter2. In practice, I haven’t seen a lot of …

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  7. Getting Over jQuery

    We’ve looked at doing some of the things that you can do in native code. So far, we’ve covered AJAX, event handling, event delegation, DOM querying, and …

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  8. Uncovering the Native DOM API

    JavaScript libraries such as jQuery serve a great purpose in enabling and normalizing cross-browser behaviors of the DOM in such a way that it’s possible to use …

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  9. The Micro Library Phenomenon

    As of late, there seems to be a steady trend towards minimalist DOM (and BOM) abstractions, these micro-libraries generally trade functionality and flexibility for

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  10. The Web Wars

    There have always been wars in browser-land. Browsers, specs, politics, lots of politics. Even libraries had theirs.

    What once was the browser utility library war, has …

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  11. Taming Asynchronous JavaScript

    Last month, a series of very interesting articles regarding async coding style, in Node, popped up. The discussion spanned a few more subjects than just coding style, it …

    6m 2
  12. Pragmatic Unit Testing in JavaScript

    More often than not, companies completely (and irresponsibly) disregard JavaScript as code that should be unit tested. They might test their back-end code, it may be in …

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  13. Information Hiding in JavaScript

    Even though it’s tricky at first, if you are used to classical object-oriented languages, it’s easy (and highly encouraged) to perform information hiding

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  14. JavaScript Is Awesome

    JavaScript is one of the most loved and hated languages out there. Some, can’t stand the stench of how obtuse it appears to be. Some appreciate the …

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  15. JavaScript JavaScript JavaScript

    In my previous installment, I prognosticated the discussion topic for this post.

    In the next post I’ll delve into MongoDB, how to pair it with Node, and figuring …

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  16. Single Page Design Madness

    A few days passed, a couple lessons learned. I promised myself not to spend too much time trying to make something perfect, but rather keep a lean approach and moving …

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