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  1. Discovering patterns with React hooks

    Exploring a pattern useful for building top-level, centralised functionalities in React apps.

    7m 4
  2. React State: Choose Wisely

    Proper state handling in React will make your components simple and maintainable. Poor choices will give you lots of headaches in the long-term.

    There are plenty of …

    22m 4
  3. Thousands of Color-coded Visualizations in React

    For the past few days I’ve been working on a data visualization that displays Elasticsearch node distribution across different cloud instances and zones.

    19m 2
  4. React, JSX and ES6: The Weird Parts

    I’ve spent a few days working with JSX and React and I have mixed feelings about them. React is pretty neat, but I find that they made some very unusual choices …

    11m 37
  5. Server-side React Layout & Side Effects

    We’ve been hard at work last week analyzing how to build a universal app using React. First we looked at the bare minimum needed to run Babel through Browserify …

    9m 8
  6. Universal Routing in React with ES6

    Yesterday, we learned about how to set up a build process for an universal ES6 React app using Babel, and how to have that React app render “universally”

    10m 5
  7. Universal React with Babel, Browserify

    I finally got around to trying out React, and this blog post will detail my initial impressions as well as a tutorial on how to make your React apps universal from the …

    13m 14
  8. Server-First Apps are a Good Idea

    Earlier today, Tom Dale published an article sharing his views on the whole “server-side vs client-side rendered apps” debacle. I was tempted to call this …

    9m 16