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  1. Low-Budget Hosting Tips

    These are short-form “thoughts”, in addition to the usual longer-form articles in the blog. The goal is to publish one of these every weekday. I’d …

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  2. Leveraging Immutable Deployments

    Last time around, we discussed how to create an AMI for every deployment: a crucial step in enabling you to leverage deployment immutability. This time around …

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  3. Immutable Deployments and Packer

    A correcter title for this series would be something along the lines of “Automating autoscaled zero-downtime immutable deployments using plain old bash, Packer, …

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  4. Deploying Node apps to AWS using Grunt

    I’ve been toying with AWS for a few days now, and I wanted to share my experience and my approach with you. My goal was to set up a deploy flow in Grunt to enable …

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