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  1. React State: Choose Wisely

    Proper state handling in React will make your components simple and maintainable. Poor choices will give you lots of headaches in the long-term.

    There are plenty of …

    22m 7
  2. An Introduction to Speculative Optimization in V8

    An impressively low-level article that we hope gives you a good idea about what happens in V8 when it comes to optimization.

    24m 4
  3. Announcing Practical Modern JavaScript 📚
    — and the Modular JavaScript Book Series!

    Practical Modern JavaScript is the first book in a 📚 series I’m dubbing Modular JavaScript, which aims to be a comprehensive, freely available, and open set of books with the mission of improving our collective understanding of modular JavaScript.

    19m 2
  4. Binding Methods to Class Instance Objects

    There’s a number of different ways we can ensure class methods have access to this. After some controversy on Twitter last week, we quickly go over the most …

    5m 11
  5. Asynchronous I/O with Generators & Promises

    The article covers designing a JavaScript API to deal with asynchronous data inputs and outputs using generators to succinctly describe a set of operations. Promises can …

    8m 3
  6. ES6 Overview in 350 Bullet Points

    My ES6 in Depth series consists of 24 articles covering most syntax changes and features coming in ES6. This article aims to summarize all of those, providing you with …

    37m 28
  7. Things you can do with native DOM

    These are short-form “thoughts”, in addition to the usual longer-form articles in the blog. The goal is to publish one of these every weekday. I’d …

    5m 7
  8. Composable UI

    Most often, web UI libraries fall under one of two categories. They may be part of a “framework”, or a grouping of UI components that share an appearance, …

    22m 7
  9. The Great Web Module Compendium

    For the past few months I’ve developed quite the number of front-end modules. These range from UI components to utility libraries, silly games, and everything in …

    8m 3
  10. The Conventional Front-End

    Conventions are a great thing. Frameworks such as Ruby on Rails and ASP.NET MVC are good examples of conventional MVC implementations. Conventions are essentially …

    4m 0
  11. JavaScript Quality Guide

    I’ve recently created a JavaScript Quality Guide, and I wanted to share it on Pony Foo as well. The latest version can be found on GitHub. As

    26m 5
  12. Building High-Quality Front-End Modules

    Lately I’ve been developing front-end modules solely based on Browserify, the latest being rome. Rome is a calendar component that has an extensive feature-set. …

    17m 2