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  1. How I Got Into Programming

    Roughly half of this story first appeared on the preface to my first book, JavaScript Application Design, but I’ve always felt that the story also belonged on …

    11m 16
  2. How Pony Foo is ridiculously over-engineered
    — and why that is awesome

    With almost 3000 commits on record, I’m pretty sure that Pony Foo is one of the most, if not the most, over-engineered blogs ever. This article goes over how it all began as a learning experience…

    34m 7
  3. Setting Up Elasticsearch for a Blog

    I’ve been experimenting with elasticsearch – and working at the company behind it for a while – so it only made sense to incorporate it as Pony Foo’s search provider.

    26m 7
  4. Just Married! 🎉

    I got married last friday, and then we threw a party on saturday.

    I wanted to extend the celebration a little bit longer by sharing a few pictures on my blog.

    9m 46
  5. Subscribing to Pony Foo

    There’s a few different ways you can subscribe to read Pony Foo. What’s your favorite?

    Almost since day one you could follow Pony Foo using the RSS feed. …

    3m 6
  6. Pony Foo Gets a Face Lift

    Pony Foo’s design remained largely the same throughout its history so far, as I never really spent a lot of time on its design. Today I’m thrilled to …

    7m 26
  7. Adjusting UX for human visitors

    In this article I’ll analyze the past and present of UX in Pony Foo. In doing so, we’ll go over the features that were introduced to improve the lives of …

    13m 4
  8. Critical Path Performance Optimization at Pony Foo

    This article aims to cover the performance gains I’ve attained in the redesign of Pony Foo, deployed last week to production. I’ll be covering a few …

    29m 20
  9. Modularizing Your Front-End

    In the past I’ve wrote about a small alternative to async, named contra, which is barely over 2kb, and has the browser at its heart. It comes with the usual …

    15m 2
  10. Email Sending Done Right

    A week ago I wrote about a few goals I’ve set for myself in 2014. In particular, I alluded to writing code that’s more modular than what I’ve been writing so far:

    4m 5
  11. Asset Management in Node

    Client-side asset management reveals a series of issues with Node.JS and npm today:

    • Node.JS is just a few years old (it was born in 2009)
    • Some areas, such as client-side …
    3m 1
  12. JavaScript JavaScript JavaScript

    In my previous installment, I prognosticated the discussion topic for this post.

    In the next post I’ll delve into MongoDB, how to pair it with Node, and figuring …

    10m 2
  13. Single Page Design Madness

    A few days passed, a couple lessons learned. I promised myself not to spend too much time trying to make something perfect, but rather keep a lean approach and moving …

    12m 1
  14. Pony Foo begins

    As I start writing this post, I set out with a purpose. To write a micro-blogging engine. The language of choice is Node.JS. I chose this language because I want to see …

    3m 4