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Do you think you have what it takes to join the team at @ponyfoo? (Of course you do!)

We’re always looking for great content writers looking to contribute articles to Pony Foo. We love guest authors. It’s obviously awesome for the site, because we can produce content more frequently. It’s sweet for you, as you get to expand your horizons onto a well-known and liked publication. It’s definitely great for our readers, whose thirst for knowledge is only paralleled by their love of the web platform. Guest posting on Pony Foo is great for everyone involved. And we’d love for you to get involved.

Check out the team of contributors behind Pony Foo. You’re in great company. 🦄

Topic Ideas

Writing articles for Pony Foo is a craft of love. The single most important aspect of writing an article for Pony Foo is that you choose a topic you feel passionate about. Suppose you have studied a topic in depth, you’d like to share what you know, and you’re excited about it. There’s nothing stopping you from sharing that accumulated knowledge, then!

Some of the articles in Pony Foo
Some of the articles in Pony Foo

The topics we are interested in are: all things web development. Just to give you an extremely incomplete list of examples, you could write about: JavaScript, performance, testing, Progressive Web Apps, frameworks, tooling — or anything else you find irresistible. As long as you’re passionate about the subject, and the thinkpiece you write is related to the web platform, that’s what matters the most.

Voice and Formatting

As you’ve probably already noticed from looking at Pony Foo for any amount of time, this is a cheerful place on the web. We’re looking for articles that are written in a friendly voice, yet authoritative, yet flexible.

When it comes to written materials, we’re looking for articles that contain a healthy number of headers, images, quotes, code blocks, or emoji 🎉, so that the article doesn’t become an insurmountable pile of words that’s too boring for our readers to consume. As usual, use your best judgement, there are no hard rules here.

Some of the articles in Pony Foo
Some of the articles in Pony Foo

To give you an idea of what we’re looking for, we suggest checking out these inspiring writers: Sara Soueidan, Zach Holman, Zach Leatherman, and Jeff Atwood. The best way to learn how to write immersing prose is, unsurprisingly, to read a lot. Maybe check out The Sense of Style, while you’re at it.

There isn’t a required word count or minimum amount of images you need to meet. We’re looking for well-rounded articles, but a specific word count isn’t imposed.

Authorship Process

We have a friendly and easy-going process. It generally plays out like this:

  • You come to us, or we approach you
  • You pitch the concept for an article and lay out an outline
  • We give you the go ahead
  • You draft the article
  • We edit it
  • It is published

That being said, none of this is written in stone.

All of the above sounds amazing? Reach out!

When you’re ready, please drop us a message at hello@ponyfoo.com. Please include links to pieces you’ve published in the past. If you already have a draft, send that over too in plain text, Markdown, HTML, or whatever format you’d like.

If you feel confident about your writing skills and you think your topic is on point with what we write about at Pony Foo, go ahead and create an account using the button below. You’ll be able to access our online article editor, create and review drafts, and collaborate with us in getting your articles published!