How do you do your debugging?

I posted a tweet a few days ago about how I’m still mostly using console.log. This triggered an interesting discussion about how we debug web applications.

“I use console.log, like an animal” 🐗

You print things to the console and hope for the best!

47.45% (186 votes)

Using debugger statements 👨‍💻

You can pair it with any client-side JavaScript. In Node: node --inspect $file and chrome://inspect.

28.06% (110 votes)

The IDE does the heavy lifting 🏋

You use VS Code, WebStorm, etc.

17.09% (67 votes)

“I don’t need to debug” 🐞

Your code is perfect as it is, riddled with bugs!

7.4% (29 votes)
392 votes since
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