How do you do your standups?

Do you do them standing up, sitting down, or remotely? But more importantly, how often and what’s discussed each time? 🤔

You don’t have time for standups ⌛

8.38% (31 votes)

You meet every single day 🗓

You usually take turns talking through the specific things you’re working on, including blockers.

45.41% (168 votes)

You meet a few times a week ⚖

You discuss on a higher-level what the status is for issues you’re working on, whether you have any blockers, etc.

28.38% (105 votes)

A bot pings you on Slack each day 🤖

You tell the bot what you’re up to, whether you have any blockers, and whatnot.

10% (37 votes)

You do something else 💬

You do things slightly differently. You may leave a comment explaining how you approach standups.

7.84% (29 votes)
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