Conference Presentations

A list of presentations I gave at conferences around the world
  1. TC39, ECMAScript, and the Future of JavaScript

    First presented

    No live-recorded presentation video yet!

    We’ll start by glancing at the TC39 proposal revision process – how new features are proposed, how proposals move through revision stages, and why some make the cut while others don’t. Then we’ll have a look at a few proposals in the pipeline – like object spread, async iterators, async generators, and import(). Last, we’ll move to more exciting stuff – automated code style fixes, compile-time startup optimizations, and the future of writing JavaScript code.

  2. Practical ES6 for the Modern JavaScript Tinkerer

    First presented

    ES6 is now a standard. We’re seeing increasing adoption across the web and the fear of missing out is invading your senses. This talk will introduce you to the most practical aspects of ES6, how to use it today in production, what new features are the most useful, and how to migrate away from your ES5 lifestyle, gradually towards adoption of ES6 features. Eventually, you’ll be using ES6 without even realizing you ever made “the switch”.

  3. High Performance in the Critical Path

    First presented

    This talk covers the past, present and future of web application performance when it comes to delivery optimization. I’ll start by glancing over what you’re already doing – minifying your static assets, bundling them together, and using progressive enhancement techniques. Then I’ll move on to what you should be doing – optimizing TCP network delivery, inlining critical CSS, deferring font loading and CSS so that you don’t block the rendering path, and of course deferring JavaScript. Afterwards we’ll look at the future, and what HTTP 2.0 has in store for us, going full circle and letting us forego hacks of the past like bundling and minification.

  4. Browserify All The Things

    First presented

    This talk is about how to use browserify to develop front-end modular code using Common.JS, and how those modules should be documented, designed, and released using an automated build system. In order to explain these concepts I’ll walk you through a few of my own open-source creations, highlighting interesting points as we go along.

  5. Front End Ops Tooling

    First presented

    This talk covers build tooling, processes, and your development workflow. You’ll get a glimpse as to why you should be building, and why you should put together a build process from the get-go. Then we’ll move on to tooling. Here I’ll discuss some of the most popular JavaScript build tools, namely Grunt, Gulp, and npm. We’ll investigate how each one performs for certain tasks, and I’ll help you forge your own build sword. Lastly, I’ll discuss the benefits of going for the module format Node.js uses, which is Common.js, and how you can leverage those modules in the browser, using a tool called Browserify.