Mastering Modular JavaScript

Module thinking, principles, design patterns and best practices — Modular JavaScript Book Series
O’Reilly Media164 PagesISBN 978-1-4919-5568-0

This book is part of the Modular JavaScript series.

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Tackle two aspects of JavaScript development: modularity and ES6. With this practical guide, front-end and back-end Node.js developers alike will learn how to scale out JavaScript applications by breaking codebases into smaller modules. We’ll specifically cover features in ES6 from the vantage point of how we can leverage them to improve modularity in our programs. Learn how to manage complexity, how to drive it down, and how to write simpler code by building small modules.

If you’re a frontend developer or backend Node.js developer with a working knowledge of JavaScript, this book is for you. The book is ideal for semi-senior developers, senior developers, technical leaders, and software architects.

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