Joe Morgan

Contributing Author. Wrote 3 articles for Pony Foo.
  1. Disguise Driven Testing: Jest Mocks In Depth — Part 2

    Mocks are a great way of preventing AJAX calls in tests, but they can also help you isolate side effects and impurities that can create complicated tests.

    As you learned …

    16m 0
  2. Disguise-Driven Testing: Jest Mocks in Depth

    Testing can be simple. In fact, it is simple. Well, it is simple until impurities slip in.

    Code that would be easy to test becomes a nightmare as soon as you get impure …

    11m 6
  3. React State: Choose Wisely

    Proper state handling in React will make your components simple and maintainable. Poor choices will give you lots of headaches in the long-term.

    There are plenty of …

    22m 7