Nicolás Bevacqua

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  1. Conflict Resolution and Code Reviews

    Have you ever tried to do a code review on a PR that merges a large release branch or feature branch back into mainline, fixing merge conflicts? It’s not pretty.

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  2. Unhappy Path Driven Development

    This story — about all the things that could, and do, go wrong in software design and development — is an incredibly important cautionary tale about the …

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  3. Module Design 🦀

    This article is an excerpt from Mastering Modular JavaScript, which is being released tomorrow on Amazon. You can also “pay” for the HTML version by

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  4. Okta, Auth0, & the Goblet of Identity

    I’ve been exploring a couple of different options when it comes to serverless authentication providers, and I was both pleased and surprised to find how little …

    16m 1
  5. A Guide to Modular Design Thinking

    Last year I gave a presentation about Modular Design and here’s a transcript.

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  6. Mastering Modular JavaScript 🆕📗

    My latest book, Mastering Modular JavaScript, just went into Early Release and is available now on Safari Books Online. It’s a part of my “Modular JavaScript” effort. It covers module thinking, patterns & principles.

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  7. A Brief History of Modularity

    When it comes to JavaScript, modularity is a modern concept. In this article we’ll quickly revisit and summarize the milestones in how modularity evolved in the …

    9m 3
  8. A Tiny Story about Systems Complexity

    A human decides to open a new tab in their favorite web browser and they then google for “cat in a pickle gifs”. What happens next will shock you!

    3m 2
  9. Interviewed at Tencent Frontend Conference

    Last month, I was interviewed after delivering a presentation on ECMAScript to an audience in Shenzhen, China. I think it was an entertaining interview, so here’s a transcript.

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